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It was time for a change -- a change in Web design, a change in the services we provide -- and our new site was born. Simple, straightforward, and to the point; a clean look and easy answers to your questions of who we are and what we do follows.

Who we are -- educated moms providing support for our clients and our families, we take a great deal of pride in our ability to provide impeccable transcription and document support services. Our schedules allow us to exceed turnaround and quality expectations while maintaining our personal lives. We are happy, healthy, well-balanced moms who thoroughly enjoy the myriad topics we have the pleasure of learning about while ensuring your transcript accurately reflects the topic(s) discussed.

What we do -- provide readable, accurate transcripts from recorded audio, video, handwritten documents, webcasts -- virtually any type of material, on time and within budget. Our pricing is based on Industry Production Standards for document production and related services, which protects our clients from over-charges and our team from being underpaid. Our rates are competitive, and we are willing to work with clients with budget constraints. Our services are utilized by small business owners and large OEMs alike, and excellent customer service has rewarded us with loyal clients who have worked with us for more than 16 years. Discover their "secret weapon" and give us a call for your transcription needs.

Where we are headed -- accurate transcripts are our passion and what better way to continue improving than by adding professional court reporting skills to our repertoire. As of November 2016, all required certifications were achieved and we are enjoying the opportunities presented through the always-interesting field of court reporting -- and appreciating our corporate transcription and administrative support services projects. Please call or send us a message to schedule these services. 

References are available on request.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch is by email. Please send to info@ diversified documents dot com (removing spaces and converting "dot" to a period).

We can also be reached by telephone: (248) 469-4685